Friday, April 20, 2012

First post

See, it is late late. Almost 1 am late. Friday night. Loving the time alone to create, yet afraid to see what the morning light will bring. Much coffee will be required once the two littles come in screaming, "Mommy I want juice!" and "Mommy wake up - when will it be MY turn for the iPad?" Luckily the weekend is here and Daddy will be able to help. In a perfect world, sleep would not be required for Mommy, only for everyone else. Kidding. Sort of.

Here are a few of the lovely fun things I've been working on:
A card for one of my besties who saved me the other day by swooping up my children and playing with them, feeding them, and most of all - loving on them for a good 4 hours while I helped my mom get to the hospital.

Seriously, I have the best friends. Ever.

The next new venture for Lily Cole Designs are t-shirts & pillows. I have been creating so many designs for both tshirts and onesies, and then having my designs made into fabric - picture of fabric here:

Then I simply cut around the design on the fabric and stitch it on. Voila! Here are some pillows. And the loveliest model ever:

And a sweet little onesie:

So much more to share.