Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The tooth fairy is coming!

So we had an "emergency situation" yesterday (according to Lily). She has a loose tooth that is so close to popping out and we did not yet have a tooth fairy pillow (oh the horror!). Yet when I am assigned with such a craft task, I am ON IT. I don't seem to have that quality when it comes to housework or cooking, but make a pillow for my daughter - well that is a priority above all others.

See how that tooth already grew so far behind the baby tooth? Is that normal or should I call the dentist?

So making the pillow was super easy and fun.

1. Cut a pattern of a tooth shape using Kraft paper. I love that stuff. Pick it up super cheap at Dollar Store or Walmart and we use it for patterns, for wrapping all of our gifts, which the kids then decorate with pictures - see Christmas photo. And of course, I also use it to package up every Lily Cole Designs box that I take to the post office.

2. Find an off white fabric - double it up if you are going to embroider a name on it. 
3. Find another colorful fabric for the back. Have your child help you pick it out! 

4. Embroider his/her name on the light fabric. First write it out using disappearing ink pen. I love that thing. It really FULLY disappears!

5. Place right sides together, then pin the pattern on top. Cut all pieces of fabric around the pattern. Take the pattern off. 
6. Make a little pocket for the tooth to go in. Pockets are really easy to make. Just fold down all four sides of a square of fabric and stitch them down. Then place it on top of your fabric and stitch the  3 sides to it, leaving the top open. 
7. Pin the right sides together of just the fabric. Sew all around the tooth, but leave about a 3 inch opening on the side. This is the opening you will use to turn it inside out. 
8. Turn it inside out.
9. Stuff it full of stuffing. Have kids help. It's fun.  
10. Then stitch that 3 inch opening closed. I started it and Lily finished it. I think you can tell which stitches she helped with. I think that is my favorite part of the whole pillow. 

11. Then love on that pillow and wait for that stinkin' tooth to pop out!

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